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Hi, I’m Sonya and I’m a Human Performance Coach and the owner of Bossy HR. I provide human resources consultation, coaching, and training services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups, and other HR professionals that are in need of a “fresh perspective” and/or additional resources. I feel very strongly about assisting organizations and their employees achieve success and a strong company culture because I have seen the prosperous outcomes of having the right culture and employee engagement; as well as the devastation to morale and company finances when the unity between legal compliance and employee engagement isn’t present.


My goal is to provide simple preventative strategies to those that value their staff, or the “humans” in human resources. By properly managing and attending to those in your care, I can help your business thrive financially, while you experience fully engaged and happy employees that produce strong work product, respect you, and are loyal – which means limited costly turnover spending.


How did I realize that focusing on human performance was the key to the financial strength of an organization? Through many, many years of hard earned experience – 15+ to be exact. Before I moved into the executive level of practicing human resources, I was your average HR Generalist answering to directors above me, working for both small and large companies. It was during this time of expanding my education and experience that I saw first hand how a lack of preventative measures can bring about the financial downfall of a company – and over such a simple thing as not having a standard employee handbook containing company policies, or not providing workers’ compensation training upon hiring a new employee.

And there enlies the crux of my expertise and how I can bring value to your organization. After years of completing my education and certifications, then building and running the human resources departments of multi-million dollar businesses, I felt it was only right to bring the ease of compliance and heightened employee performance to all small businesses. My knowledge and experience of how to properly hire, train, manage, and engage your staff while preventing costly legal problems is how I can help you get it right the first time.

That’s how I differ from other HR consultants that you may encounter – I get it right the first time. During my tenure with the organizations I have worked for at an executive level, and consulted with; there have been no lawsuits, no lost unemployment claims, and no more than one workers’ comp claim per year filed (some having no claims filed at all).


I accomplished this triumph without these companies having to spend hundreds of dollars an hour on legal counsel or tens of thousands of dollars per year on an in-house, salaried HR employee when they were too new or too small to do so yet. In some instances, I even helped to guide the entry level HR employee that they already had on staff. Whatever your scenario, I can create this same financial savings for your small business.


So are you ready to move forward in protecting your business from preventable lawsuits? Are you ready to create a company culture that makes you a sought after employer to work for in your industry, therefore creating added value to your business? Are you ready to get it right the first time?


If so, this is what I can provide you:

  1. A library of forms, letters, emails, policies, and handbooks

  2. Video trainings and powerpoints

  3. Specialized consultation and trainings

  4. One location to go to with listings and links to other helpful resources


As a bonus to any documents or services purchased; I will provide a free 30 minute consultation, or 30 minute coaching/training. This is a $200 value, just for taking a step toward the protection of your business.


And if you’re ready to receive the full benefit of my expertise and take action to put your business on the right path to lucrative earnings, contact me for a consultation and/or training package in which I will delve deeper into your individualized business needs to create specialized policies and/or communications that are geared toward your company’s direct needs.


In order to determine if my services are right for you and your business needs; provide me with your name, company, and email address. I will contact you for a free 30 minute consultation to assess where you’re at and how I can support your growth and compliance.

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